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This document is designed to guide you to your comfort zone with respect to a breakthrough technology either for health and wellness and or financial wellbeing.

If you have no interest in breakthrough technologies, or health and wellness, or financial wellbeing then you have reached your comfort zone and can forget this document and move on to something more interesting to you.

If you are interested, then start with the category that is more intriguing to you.

Health and Wellness

If you are interested in your health or the health of loved ones or others, then jump to the Health Section.


If you are interested in revolutionary new technologies, then jump to the Technology Section.


If you are interested in financial success, then jump to the Financial Section.

Health Section

Health is a large category.  Your interest may depend on personal requirements, or you are looking to help a loved one.  In general, you can break this section into three categories:

  1. Beauty – Individuals who are concerned about their physical appearance.  This is a huge category spending over $100 billion a year and expected to double as early as 2026.  The average American Woman spends over $10 per day on beauty products.  Personal care for men is expected to exceed $250 billion by 2030 according to Allied Market Research.  If you are interested in beauty, jump to the Beauty Section.
  2. General Health – People around the world are becoming aware of the need to keep their body in good health daily. The environment, pollution, degraded food, and other issues due mainly to industrialization has led to the decline in lifespan for the first time this last decade.  The vitamin and supplement industry was over $35 billion in the US in 2023 and the diet industry is over $170 billion.  If you are interested in the supplement industry jump to the Supplement Section.
  3. Anti-aging – Due to the huge baby boom aging population, the entire market is focusing on ageing, anti-aging, and reverse aging.  Due to incredible new breakthroughs in science, people are searching for real solutions. If you are interested in reverse aging, then visit the Anti Aging Section.


We all want to look good.  Women throughout history have sought out herbs, lotions, and potions to keep them looking young.  Young people have a glow about them either in the glow of their skin or the twinkle in their eyes.  Do not believe the beauty market is for women only.  Men are already spending over $150 billion in personal care.  Men may also want to check out the Supplement Section because they are usually more interested in body physical than facial or skin appearance.

The beauty market is a huge financial market.  Industry has spent billions of dollars looking for the secret formula to make us look better.  There are a lot of fake processes and programs because the mental desire to look young makes it easy to extract funds from the unsuspecting.  Do your research.

We have a beauty product that just plain works.  If you want to know why it works, then check out the Technology Section.

We have a non-evasive skin product that you spray on your face, hands, or other skin areas needing repair about three to five times a day.  The spray is a fine cooling mist.  When spraying on your face, you will mentally feel the effect within seconds.  Check the Technology to understand what I mean.

The skin cells change about every thirty days so you can see remarkable changes in as little as thirty days.  To give a fair chance of success I recommend using the spray product for a minimum of three months.

Pictures are worth a thousand words.  A lot of people think pictures are photoshopped, but these are real.  You can check out the Before and After tab above to see many other people’s before and after pictures.

Before and After

My pictures are above.  The first picture is my driver’s license taken in April.  I started the spray in June.  The second picture was taken four months later, and weight and inflammation reduction is noticeable.  I believe the weight loss was due to my body repairing itself.  See the General Health section below.  The last picture was taken a year later.  It should be noted that the product is not making me whiter, it is removing the RED from inflammation.  The same process works the same reducing inflammation with other skin pigments.

You should now have enough information to either continue reading other sections of this document or jump to the Order Here Section to pick the product or products that make the most since for your situation.

General Health

From the beginning of time, we lived on what nature provided.  Our chemistry evolved with nature.  We are part of nature.

Our world is changing rapidly.  Mankind has always changed the environment, but not until the industrial revolution did we start to critically impact our health.  We have added toxins into the system in forms that were never available to our bodies before.  Our bodies are not equipped to take on this challenge and win.

In fact, the most recent toxin, the cell phone, is devastating.  We will NEVER get rid of this technology.  Imagine telling everyone to throw away their telephone.  The main challenge is the cell phone which leads to the creation of RNS (Reactive Nitrogen Species).  The ONLY known protection to eliminate this toxin is the correct delivery of glutathione.

As discussed and shown in the Beauty Section, I had extensive inflammation in my body.  Inflammation is removed by antioxidants and specifically glutathione.  I was using glutathione products years before; however, this new technology was the key to success leading to significantly improved health.  I am curious about how much the toxins eliminated by efficient glutathione changed my weight.

I was finding incredible success with just about everyone using the products.  Not only were people looking better, but athletes were getting huge performance benefits.  The vast majority of individuals were having life-changing experiences in physical and mental conditions.  I recommend you check out the other links at the top of this page for more information. 

It should be noted that the delivery technology can be applied to virtually any molecular combination leading to incredible physical and financial opportunities.  Almost anything you see in your health and wellness store could potentially be delivered by this technology creating far less expensive and higher quality solutions.  Study the Technology Section if you want a more technical description.

You should now have enough information to either continue reading other sections of this document or jump to the Order Here Section to pick the product or products that make the most since for your situation.


Anti-aging is now one of the fastest if not the fastest growing health industry in the world.  This is mainly due to the baby boomers reaching their end of life.

Let’s face it, no one wins the race to live physically forever.  But there are people who live a LOT longer than the average.  Many of those who live much longer are in places that live naturally off nature’s best, have lower stress, and potentially less toxins.  Toxins, however, now permeate everywhere.  In fact, every one of the 200 worst toxins including microplastics have been found in the umbilical cord of all infants around the world.

There are others who look great even into their old age because they have the financial ability to get proper care and have access to expensive products.  Our technology changes this by allowing everyone to access products far less expensive than the elites have been paying for decades.
One of the main products for anti-aging is glutathione.  It has the ability to remove toxins and repair cellular damage. This delivery technology is so superior that people are seeing signs of REVERSE-AGING.

What do I mean by reverse aging.  Replacement cells appear to be healthier than the original they were duplicated from.  There are testimonials so profound that you will find them hard to believe.  Memory issues, physical body function issues, physical functions such as walking, symptoms from other causes such as covid are all being impacted by this technology.

There is a chart on the Testimonies Link under Product tab that shows how, as we age, we have more oxidative stress from toxins and other stresses while at the same time decreasing our body production of glutathione.  The curves cross about age fifty and that is when we start to see rapid aging.  Study the Technology Section below if you want a more technical description.

You should now have enough information to either continue reading other sections of this document or jump to the Order Here Section to pick the product or products that make the most since for your situation.

Technology Section

We live in an incredible time of technology.  For the last century we saw changes that were science fiction the previous century.  The industrial revolution made physical changes to the world.  We took centuries of math and engineering ideas and turned them into reality.  Most of that change was led by the availability of more energy.  Now what was science fiction a decade ago is reality today. Unfortunately, the bad came with the good.  Not only did we enter the age of incredible discovery, but we created never before seen toxins.

Our bodies have developed over eons.  Everything in the body works chemically and very precisely.  We have seen remarkable discoveries starting with the electron microscope allowing us to peer into the cell.  We eventually were able to see proteins and molecules with equipment.  The atom was considered so small that no one could imagine.  Today we talk about Quarks which are far smaller than atoms and now want to know what they are and how they interact.

All the new stuff we created with our technology greatly impacts our bodies all the way down to the quark level.  Our body is used to keeping a balance and removing toxins, but now we have added so many to the environment that our body cannot overcome them by itself. Add to that the fact we are trying to manipulate our very DNA and genetic makeup.  We are playing with our human structure on a level we cannot even see.

Our bodies are begging for support to overcome this outside recent attack of technology.  People can no longer say our body takes care of itself so do not worry and just eat right.  You can eat a perfect diet but cannot overcome the 200 worst toxins that are found in the umbilical cords of EVERY newborn around the world.  Your body is not prepared to remove the flood of microplastics or the RNS (Reactive Nitrogen Species), which was not even a problem until the invention of cell phones and 5G.  We are literally cooking our brains and bodies.

Medicines are NOT a solution.  Medicine is a foreign substance added to the body to create a specific illicit chemical response.  Why illicit?  Because it causes a reaction in the body that is NOT supposed to happen.  That medicine might suppress one reaction but will end up causing other reactions because the body wants to keep the normal chemical balance.  I am not saying that medicines do not help in certain circumstances, but it would be better to take care of the problem before needing intervention.

We need to support our body’s natural function.  Why does the body not just take care of itself like it always has?  Because the body and specifically the liver cuts down the production of glutathione about seven percent every decade.  By the time you are seventy you have about 40% of the glutathione production you had at the age of twenty.  Additionally, as you age, the number of toxins increase in your body.  This is important because glutathione is the major tripeptide to remove toxins, prevent DNA damage, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and involved in over 400 chemical reactions in the body.  Without glutathione you will die in about two and a half minutes.

It is no wonder that glutathione is the most studied molecule in molecular biology.  They have been trying to supplement the body with glutathione for seventy years with lotions, potions, pills, liposomes, IVs, and just about every other kind of technology.  It has been expensive and only the rich and famous could afford to live longer looking better than the rest of the population.

Our technology is revolutionary.  We can take the glutathione molecule in its natural form, wrap it in our nano water technology, and deliver it to every cell in about seventy seconds by swishing our glutathione water like a mouth wash for thirty seconds to three minutes.

As an example, when you spray your face with the spray (see the beauty section), the glutathione is so small that within seconds it penetrates the skin, into the blood, and into the brain so fast most notice the effect immediately. Often the eyes light up immediately.  Over time using the product, there is a definite change in the eyes demonstrating mental alertness. (Close your eyes when spraying.)

We can do this not only with glutathione but with virtually any molecule to deliver high quality natural products directly to the cells as nature intended.  We can do this far less expensive than older technologies needing binders, fillers, and other agents because of our efficient pure delivery process.

Check out the Technology tab above or the GSH link under the Product tab for further information.  You can even find out the relative size of a quark if you want all the science.

You should now have enough information to either continue reading other sections of this document or jump to the Order Here Section to pick the product or products that make the most since for your situation.


The financial side of this opportunity depends on your level of commitment.  There are three levels to choose from:


You are only interested in the product and technology.  Your decision on what to buy depends on how many bottles of product you need.  If you just want to test the product the cost is $65 plus shipping and tax for a single bottle.  If you order two or more bottles of product on a monthly home delivery basis your cost drops to $50 per bottle saving about 25% per bottle.

Your decision should be based on how many bottles you want personally and for others you may want to bless with the product.  Do not register as a member nor sign up others you want to give the product to.  At any time if a family member wants the product then place an order in your name and ship it to them.

If later you want to share the product as an affiliate or business builder, you can call the company and upgrade to member for free.

When you are ready to order as a Customer jump to the Order Here Section.


Affiliate programs are designed to help you make a modest return, usually enough to pay for your product usage and some overhead.  They typically commission your referral sales and the sales on their referrals. You are more interested than just being a customer.  You like the products and technology enough that you believe you will share the benefits with others.

In this case you will order a minimum of two products a month on home delivery.  You need a minimum of $100 (two products) in orders each month to be qualified to be paid affiliate commissions. 

Most people use two bottles of product each month especially in the beginning. It will take three to six months of using the product correctly before you will start to see real change.  Some people will see changes in a month or two in their skin.  Make sure you take a before picture.  It will help you share the product in the future.  Commit to three to six months or better yet, a year.  Some cells in your body do not change for more than a year so give the product time to show you the power.

Your goal will be to find three affiliates like you.  Three people who like the products and technology enough they will share with their friends.  You will make seven percent of your sales and the sales of your referrals.  This is typically $7 per affiliate order monthly and 25% of your customers orders monthly.

Once you have three affiliates ordering a minimum of two products each a month you will get a bonus $50.  This is a minimum of $71 which will pay for one bottle of product including shipping and tax.

Your next goal is to teach each of your three qualified affiliates (ordering two bottles or more monthly) to find three qualified affiliates.  The company will now give you an additional $200 bonus each month you have three personal qualified affiliates and they each have three personal qualified affiliates.

You are now making good affiliate pay at a minimum $334 per month.  You will receive seven percent of other affiliates besides your initial two levels.

Check out the tabs at the top of the page for more information to help you share the product.

Your next goal should be to consider becoming a Business Builder.

If you are ready to order as an Affiliate then jump to the Order Here Section.

Business Builder

Business builders are serious individuals who see the potential with this revolutionary nano technology.  They see the power of the current product line and the potential of all the possible products that can be made with this technology that no one else controls.  They understand the hundreds of billions of dollars from unending niche markets.  We are already in the beauty, health and nutrition, and anti aging industries.  Imaging the potential with sports via gyms or teams, spas, beauty shops, massage parlors, chiropractors, the entire medical community, and the nutrition supplement industry.  This is a centurion company, and you can build a legacy to pass on to your descendants. On the order website you can check out the people behind the company and products including our unpaid medical board.

This website has over eighty webpages dedicated to the products and technology along with links to a business only website that fully covers the business and tactics.  In addition, it links to the company website, which is probably the best in the industry and getting better. There are full support services and apps to help you build your business traditionally and with social media.

The tax advantages of doing this business for US citizens will easily pay for any costs right up front.  If you drive 250 miles a month write down the name and number of who you spoke with about the business.  This alone will pay back your monthly business cost and make your product free.  Watch the Incredible Business Opportunity video to see what you get for your monthly overhead. (This is not tax advice.  Check with your tax accountant.)

Business builders will order a minimum of two products for the first month and set up a quarterly home delivery to start the first of the next month.  Do this even if you join the last of a month and your quarterly would start the next day.

The first order will be two or more products ($100+) depending on how you plan to use and market the product.  The quarterly combo will be a combination of seven products for $300 plus shipping and tax. In general, your cost will average less than $125 a month for seven bottles and all the benefits of the Incredible Business Opportunity video.  In any case, no one is ever required to purchase more than two bottles a month to remain fully qualifed for commissions. 

The quarterly combo order qualifies you for three months. You should commit to buy the quarterly combo pack for a year to really experience the potential of the product.  Do not forget to take a before picture.  It will become a very valuable tool in the future.

Your first goal should be to engage three Business Builders.  You will get customers and affiliates along the way.  Once you have three Business Builders you know you will receive $71 a month minimum for three months.

Once your three business builders have three Business Builders you know you will receive a minimum of $334 a month for three months returning three times your costs and you still get the product.

Now work with your twelve Business Builders to find three Business Builders for each of the nine Business Builders on your second level of your contacts.  Once you have those 27 Business Builders you will receive a minimum of $7 each plus a $1500 bonus each month all 39 Business Builders and you are qualified with your $100 minimum monthly order.  This is a minimum monthly income of $1773 a month.  This is equivalent to having $200,000 in the stock market.

You can duplicate this process as often as you like starting another three Business Builders.  In addition, you will be paid through seven levels of contacts, bonuses, and other perks as you progress.

Business Builders are serious and will learn our PRP or Professional Retail Program.  Basically, a PRP is a business customer who purchases in larger quantities for major discounts.  As example they can order as low as $35 per bottle in quantity.  This is good for gyms, spas, beauty chains, and more to come when we bring out products that people will want from convenience stores.

The secret is you teach the business owner to purchase as a Business Builder and sign up their Store as a PRP for an additional 25% commission on their own product purchases.  This drops the price of the product to about $27 a bottle which can be sold for $65 or more retail in the store creating a huge keystone profit.

If you want to know the potential of products we have or will have, make sure you check out the tabs for products below the technology tab on this website.

Business Builders do not focus on selling one or two bottles.  They get the big picture and try to capture large groups by consignment or other marketing techniques which we teach from the business website linked from the Business tab above..

As I say on the slide, if you want to get rich selling worms, do not waste your time selling to individual fishermen.  Sell to the sports fishing store.

If you are ready to order as a Business Builder then select from the last order option below.

Order Here

Place your order based on your decisions from the presentation.  There are a few bullet points depending on your option.


As a customer you want to order just what you need. $65 per bottle.  There is a one-month money back guarantee, so you have nothing to worry about.

You can order two or more products on monthly home delivery and reduce the price to $50 a bottle.

You can order anytime with no commitment.

Order extra product anytime for yourself or others and have it shipped directly to them.  No need for everyone to become a customer.  You can have multiple orders active at the same time to different addresses.

Customer Order


Order a minimum of two bottles and set up monthly home delivery for a minimum two bottles each month to keep your commissions active.

Share with an unlimited number of customers.

Share with a minimum of three personal Affiliates.

Teach all Affiliates to share with a minimum of three Affiliates.

Consider becoming a Business Builder once you have your $250 monthly bonus.

Affiliate Order

Business Builders

Order a minimum of two bottles (~$125).

Set up quarterly home delivery of a quarterly combo pack (~$350).  Start the quarterly home delivery on the first of the next month to be renewed every three months. This provides seven bottles per quarter.

Share with an unlimited number of customers.

Share with an unlimited number of personal Affiliates.

Teach all Affiliates to share with a minimum of three Affiliates.

Share with a minimum of three personal Business Builders.

Teach all Business Builders to share with a minimum of three Business Builders.

Once you have your $1500 monthly Business Builder Bonus, start another three Business Builders.

Study the Business link the top right of this website for strategies for building your organization.

Aggressively look for PRP (Professional Retail Program) partners.  Teach them to initially purchase as a Business Builder then teach them to sponsor their Business as a PRP under their Business Builder position once they have customer volume.  Study the Brick and Morter tab under the Tools Tab on the Business Website.

Business Builder Order

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