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This is a short demonstration on the importance of glutathione and specifically the Nano Water Technology Swish.

Let us compare a brand-new high-performance sports car for $90K to your priceless newborn baby body.

Both come with a limited lifetime warranty.

  • Three years/36,000-mile basic for the car.
  • Forty years basic good operation for your body.

You can get an extended warranty for both.

  • Five years/60,000-mile powertrain for an extra $2238 on the car. If you have any major breakdown after that period, it is usually better to scrap the old car and get a new one.
  • Seventy Five years critical components for your body. But you will need a $200 a month medical insurance policy after age 21 to cover costs if you need to go into the shop for repair. There is no option for a new body.

To make your car last longer you need to do regular maintenance and especially change the oil. When the car is new the parts fit fine, and the oil is good. You can get away without paying attention to the oil for 10000 miles or so but soon lack of oil will radically increase wear and destroy your car. You will need to add new oil constantly to keep your car running.

Glutathione works like oil in your body by removing the toxins and neutralizing free radicals. Every cell and mainly your liver create glutathione naturally, but as you age, your production of glutathione reduces radically. You must supplement your glutathione, or your body will age and die.

Science has known for decades that we need to supplement glutathione; however, it has not been possible until now to provide enough for a reasonable price.

It is your choice; how much effort are you going to put into keeping your car out of the junk yard?

Similarly, how far into the future do you want to keep your one and only body in good working condition? Every day without serious glutathione supplementation you are shortening the expiration date of your body.

There are no substitutes. Our delivery system is years ahead of the competition. A glutathione IV takes about an hour to break into the three amino acids, then they rebuild into glutathione in the cells. This is good for one or two days costing $100 to $900 each shot. Weekly vitamin shots are $60, and the glutathione in them is insignificant. Food supplementation is not sufficient as we age. Older technology cannot get past the gut in sufficient amounts, and most technologies do not provide ANY glutathione. Many like NAC, which is used in cough syrup, do not provide glutathione but chemically react to inefficiently break into L-cystine for the body to build into glutathione.

Our product provides both L-cystine and glutathione directly into the bloodstream and into the cells within 70 seconds. The cost is $2 to $3 a day which is a fraction of the cost of even the closest competitors.

We have plenty of testimonies, but until you add yours, you cannot claim the benefits. Try it diligently for 30 days with a money back guarantee.


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