Nano Glutathione

How to Use the Products


  • 1/2 Cap or 1/2 Teaspoon
  • 4 times a day
  • Hold it under your tongue 3 minutes or longer before swallowing.
  • You can GENTLY swish like mouth wash
  • Liver Makes Glutathione


  • Spray face / skin three times to moisten
  • Do this 3 to 5 times a day
  • Let it dry
  • Recommend NOT putting over makeup


The script for the video is below and can be translated into any language using the Google Translate button directly above the video on this page.

This is a quick video about the why and how to take the product.

Imagine a diesel bus and its exhaust.  When it takes off it puts out a large dark, dangerous chemical smoke and continues to emit toxic fumes.  Imagine you are on a bike following close behind.  If you keep following, eventually you will become sick and eventually die.  You will need an ambulance to constantly give you fresh oxygen and extract the poisons if you are going to survive.

Every cell in your body is like a little bus.  As it takes in nutrients, and performs the cell functions, and it releases dangerous chemical exhaust.  Those chemicals are released into YOUR BODY, just like a biker following the bus.  The difference is you can stop following the bus with your bike, but you cannot avoid the toxin released by cells into your body.  Glutathione works like the ambulance by detoxifying YOUR body.

The challenge is that glutathione has a half life of 90 minutes.  This means every 90 minutes you have only half of the glutathione you started with creating exponential loss.  This means that in 24 to 48 hours you have virtually NO remaining glutathione from what you started with.  Your body must constantly renew the glutathione.

Imagine a leaky bucket that represents your health and longevity based on your level of glutathione.  Eventually, the bucked goes empty unless you keep filling it up.  The liver is the main organ to fill the bucket with glutathione, but it slows down radically after the age of 20.  If you do not find another way to fill the bucked, it will eventually empty, and you will age and die.

If you get a shot of any amount of glutathione, say 100ml, the amount in your blood (the bucket) will decrease by the 90-minute half-life.  In this example, within about 5 hours your body will have about what we recommend taking daily at approximately 10ml.

Keep in mind that injections or infusions may provide high amounts of glutathione, but it is not readily available and needs to break down and recombine to be small enough to be used in the cell which takes about an hour.  Our product is so small, it enters and leaves the cells in less than 70 seconds.

Based on what I just said, is it better to take the 10ml recommendation all at once or twice at 5ml say 90 minutes apart?  Let’s look at each 90 minutes taking 10ml at once and 5ml then 5ml more 90 minutes later.  Finally let’s look at taking 1ml each 90 minutes over 15 hours.


90 min

3 hrs

4.5 hrs

6 hrs

7.5 hrs

9 hrs

10.5 hrs

12 hrs

13.5 hrs

15 hrs


































The importance of the chart is you will have WAY more consistent glutathione in your body, if you take smaller amounts often, than taking the whole thing at once.  If you beat the half life as shown above, you will end up with a steady glutathione up to twice your 90-minute dose.  After 15 hours, you could have 200% more taking the smaller amount than all at once.

I recommend using a 10-milliliter glass spray bottle which will hold a recommended day supply of glutathione.  The one recommended requires 20 squirts per milliliter or 200 squirts per bottle.  If you constantly spray 5 to 20 squirts like a breath freshener, you will be getting smaller amounts over a longer period keeping the glutathione at peak during the day for the amount used.  I have experienced using one 10ml bottle a day giving me more energy than red bull and sleeping far better when driving long distances.

There are a couple other fancy bottles I recommend for professionals when selling the spray.  Offer to include the bottle if they purchase sufficient product.  They also make a nice two-to-three-day travel spray when on the road without carrying the whole bottle of spray.

The best use of the spray is several squirts to moisten the face and spray four to five times a day.  The bottle should last about a month at this rate.

The best use of the internal product is to gently swish in your mouth like a mouth wash for several minutes, then swallow the remaining product.  If you use the recommended spray bottles, gauge your amounts to use the full 10 milliliters during the day. 

The recommended normal DAILY dose is 10 milliliters; however, increase the amount by using before and after exercise or once each hour while exercising is best.  Results will very based on age, health, weight and other factors.

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