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The script for the video is below and can be translated into any language using the Google Translate button directly above the video on this page.

This video is based on about two years working with this fantastic technology and the personal results using the products.  Hopefully, this video will help you determine how to initially engage with the products and your contacts.  I recommend you get a better understanding of the options below based on the What to Order link under the Products Tab upper left of this website.

Everyone getting involved is initially interested in the products or technology enough to at least try them for personal use or to help a loved one.

Engagement with the products falls into three categories.  Help potential clients find which category they should start in, but do not FORCE them into YOUR category.

Health and beauty is the major category.  I would say most (95%) are attracted to this aspect initially, but the majority are customer-minded individuals.  They see the product as something different that might help with their body.  They should decide how much and which products they initially need, then order as a Customer.  More than 80% who continue using the products just want to be users of the products.  Keep them as Customers and treat them as a Customer.  Let them know about specials, new products, remind them to use the product long enough to get results, and the benefits of monthly delivery.  Talk to them about business only when they want to refer their friends.  See the What to Order link under Products above on how to engage purchases for family and loved ones.  Customers order when they desire and can order for family under their account to be shipped directly to their contact.

About 15% are initially attracted to the Technology.  This is the second category.  They are interested in the products, but they also understand this is something new and can go far beyond the current product lines.  Not only do they want the product, but they are already considering others who might benefit from it.  They are not interested at the moment in a big business, but they would like to be paid if they tell others about the benefits.  They should do the same as Customers by initially purchasing what they need on their first order.   However, they are now what I consider an Affiliate so they should purchase a minimum of $100 of product, and IMMEDIATELY set up a MONTHLY home delivery for a minimum of $100 of product.  See the What to Order Link for the strategy why they should do this.

The last category of individuals making up about 5% see the financial benefit with the incredible products and technology.  The difference between them and the Affiliate above is they need to not only purchase a minimum of $100 on their first order, but they must also commit to purchase a minimum of $300 in product EACH QUARTER starting the first of the following month.  This will save them a little on shipping, provide an extra product each quarter, keep them qualified for commissions, and allow them to fully track their business.  They should also pay close attention to the proper use of the PRP (retail) part of our program in the event that method of marketing appeals to them.

The only difference between each of the three categories above is their personal commitment to health and or business.  See the What to Order link for more details.

Success really is this simple by picking YOUR category and teaching others how to pick THEIR category.  Be happy with 80% wanting your product each month and not driving them away trying to make them SELL in their minds to their friends.  Customers can actually order and ship products to their family right from their own account without the family needing to sign up in the company.

Affiliates will comfortably invite enough individuals to pay for their product and earn enough to pay a few bills.  Even as Affiliates they should not force their category on others.  Most will be Customers, some will select Affiliate, and a few will choose Business.

Business leaders will not force their category on others but help them select THEIR category and eventually attract other business partners committed to ordering quarterly.

I recommend, if you have individuals in your business organization who only want the products but chose to be members, that you encourage them to drop back to a Customer position.   They will engage with their products and new products positively by using their products while not feeling uncomfortable needing to sell to use.

Anyone interested in sharing the product or who wants financial success should visit all the pages of this website and connected websites, including the company material.  There are over 200 pages, videos, data, social media, and other tools to help you succeed.

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